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to the model photograph page of 1/144 Squadron here you can find
pictures of some  built up models

because of the growing number of photographs I have split the sections yet again

so far I have had photographs from England,Australia,Sweden,U.S.A,Germany,the Philippines 
Hong Kong,Belgium,Japan,Canada,Ecuador,Taiwan, The Netherlands,Brazil and Argentina
I would like some more if you would like to show your work here just email me a JPG or GIF
file with a brief description 
only 1 rule - 1/144 only :-)




Model ofManufacturerModificationsBuilt by

UK Military aircraft WW1

Model ofManufacturerModificationsBuilt by
Bristol F2BMamoliriggedPaul Gold
DH.2scratchbuiltPablo Cicero
DH.2, FE2B and FB5scratchbuiltPablo Cicero
FE2scratchbuiltPablo Cicero

UK Military aircraft WW2 and earlier

Model ofManufacturerModificationsBuilt by
AvengerCrownFAA markingsPaul Gold
Halifaxscratchbuiltconverted Lancaster wingsTodd Sager
Halifax BIIAirspeedOOTBPaul Gold
Hurricane IRevellnoneMark Taylor
LancasterAcademy/MinicraftDambusters conversion-rescribed,make a interior(seats,panels,radio,control stick,reshaped bomb bay,remove upper turret,shortened the landing gear,lowered flaps,handpaint the code letters Roberto Masukawa
LancasterAcademynoneErwin Dielemans
LysanderHasegawanoneJim Galloway
SunderlandKaderpanel lines rescribed.Cockpit and all turrets were detailed.Many others Mark Smith email:smitha6m2@aol.com

UK Military aircraft post WW2

Model ofManufacturerModificationsBuilt by
BelfastWelsh ModelsnonePaul Gold
GannetWelsh ModelsnonePaul Gold
LightningRevellnoneErwin Dielemans
Lightning F6RevellnoneMark Taylor
P2V-5 NeptuneAeroclubnonePaul Gold
ScimitarWelsh Modelsdropped flaps,weaponsJim Galloway
ScimitarWelsh ModelsnonePaul Gold
BAC TSR2STARR MiniaturesnonePaul Gold
BAC TSR2STARR MiniaturesnoneDamien Burke
ValettaWelsh ModelsnonePaul Gold
ValiantWelsh ModelsnonePaul Gold
VulcanWelsh ModelsnonePaul Gold

UK Military aircraft modern

Model ofManufacturerModificationsBuilt by
Boeing Vertol ChinookRevell GermanyOOTBPaul Gold
Eurofighter EFARevellnoneErwin Dielemans
Harrier GR5DragonnoneErwin Dielemans
HawkWelsh ModelsRed ArrowsPaul Gold
JaguarAcademydecals/schemePaul Gold
PumaRevell GermanynonePaul Gold
TornadoDMLscratchbuilt cockpit, access ladder, 1998 IPMS Brazil Silver medalRoberto K Masukawa
TornadoDMLdecalsTing-Chun Wang

US Military aircraft WW2

Model ofManufacturerModificationsBuilt by
Grumman JRFscratcbuiltscratchbuiltLorenzo de la Fuente
PrivateerCobra CompanyOOTBPaul Gold
B-24DCrown B-24JCobra Co conversion.Additional add ons include:dropping the flaps, scratch built rear and top turret, scribed crew entry door on bottom, scribed identification lights, repositioned bomb sight on to brace, custom nose art decals printed on alps printer "Gallopin Ghost of the Brazillian Coast", added pitot tubes.Alex Bernardo
TBM AvengerAcademyinterior(seats,panels,radios),open the bomb bay(put some details and a torpedo)arrester hook and some scribingRoberto Masukawa
P-51DAcademylots of detail added, Gold Medal 1999 IPMS Sao PaoloRoberto K Masukawa
B-26BAcademylots of detail added, Silver Medal 1998 IPMS Sao PaoloRoberto K Masukawa
P-39Q AiracobraRevellNoneEric Verschuur
F4F-3 WildcatRevellminor conversion, new decalsEric Verschuur
F4U-1 CorsairMitsuwadropped flapsEric Verschuur
F8F-1 BearcatScratchbuiltScratchbuiltEric Verschuur
P-51DAcademyBlondie decals, IPMS Nats winnerAlex Bernardo
Piper J3 Cubhome madeScratchbuiltLorenzo de la Fuente
PrivateermasterAlex Bernardo
P-38AcademydecalsThomas Peters
B-26 AcademydecalsThomas Peters
F4-URevellarrestor hook,wing fold, rocketsMarten Tyllstrom
F-4URevellnoneJim Galloway
F4U-1 CorsairMitsuwanonePaul Gold
F4U-1 and F-4FRevellwing fold (F-4U)David Schultz
C-47Minicraftsee pics for full detailsSteve L New
DC-3WelshdecalsErwin Dielemans
P-39RevellnoneJim Galloway
P-47sMinicraftMinicraft decalsJim Galloway
P-47 ThunderboltAcademy/CrownnonePaul Gold
P-47 razorback?seriously convertedLorenzo de la Fuente
P-51sMinicraftMinicraft decalsJim Galloway
P-51AcademydecalsThomas Peters
F-4FHasegawanoneJim Galloway
B-29AcademydecalsErwin Dielemans
B-17AcademynoneErwin Dielemans
B-24AcademynoneErwin Dielemans
B-24 LiberatorMinicraftdecalsDavid Schultz
B-24 LiberatorAcademydecalsThomas Peters
B-25 AcademydecalsThomas Peters
B-25 MinicraftnoneMark Taylor
PBY CatalinaMinicraftnonePaul Gold

US Military aircraft post WW2

Model ofManufacturerModificationsBuilt by
Douglas C-118AMinicraftOOTBPaul Gold
XP-72major conversionconstruction notesAlex Bernardo
Husky Helicopterscratchbuilthome made decalsGerald Richter
B-58HobbycraftThe camo scheme is based in testors 1/72 instruction sheet and a koku fan drawingRoberto Masukawa
F-105DAriilots of detail added,2nd place in the Blue Angel ModelfestGerald Richter
AC-47Minicraftlots of conversion work, Gold Medal 1998 IPMS Sao PaoloRoberto K Masukawa
F-105DAriilots of detail added, Bronze Medal 1997 IPMS Sao PaoloRoberto K Masukawa
F-111EAriilots of detail added, Silver Medal 1997 IPMS Sao PaoloRoberto K Masukawa
C-131TestorsOOBMike Krueger
Kfir C1/F-21ADragon/DMLchanged decals, opened canopyEric Verschuur
A-1 SkyraiderscratchbuiltscratchbuiltDonald Schmenk
Cessna O2scratchbuiltscratchbuiltDonald Schmenk
MohawkscratchbuiltscratchbuiltDonald Schmenk
T-28scratchbuilt scratchbuilt Donald Schmenk
F-100Entexreworked front, scratchbuilt tanks, Microscale decalsDonald Schmenk
F-100Entexreworked front, scratchbuilt tanks, Microscale decalsDonald Schmenk
F-100Entexreworked front, scratchbuilt tanks, Microscale decalstd>Donald Schmenk
B-58HobbycraftnonePaul Gold
F-4BAriihand painted markings, new nose & exhaustsJuichi Hashimoto
F-100AriiMicro scale decalsKen Miller
NASA F-104?decals/conversionMike Idacavage
NASA F-104?decals/conversionKen Miller
A-3 SkywarriorAir Craft Modelsdecals,engine faces,base,detailedEd Barthelmes
A-3 SkywarriorAir Craft ModelsnoneErwin Dielemans
F-111Academynose probeWm Burns
USCG C-130RevellnoneKen Miller
F-4RevelldecalsErwin Dielemans
F-4LSMicroscale decalsJim Galloway
F-101AOtakiMicroscale decals,wing fencesJim Galloway
F-101A VoodooAriidecalsMark Taylor
F-105 ThunderchiefRevellMicro scaledecalsKen Miller
F-105F/GOtakiMicroscale decals,LS missiles,used 2 kitsJim Galloway
F-105 ThunderchiefRevelldecalsDavid Schultz
F-105 ThunderchiefAriicanopy/exhaustMark Taylor
F-102OtakiMicroscale decals,IR sensorJim Galloway
UH-1Fujimikrystal klear windowsJim Galloway
F-8OtakiMicroscale decalsJim Galloway
F-106RevellnoneErwin Dielemans
B-45 TornadoAir Craft ModelsnoneErwin Dielemans
A-4 SkyhawkAeroclubnonePaul Gold
HU-16 AlbatrossAeroclubnoneKen Miller
RA-5C VigilanteAriinoneMark Taylor

USN aircraft modern

Model ofManufacturerModificationsBuilt by
QF-4 droneDon Scmenk resin lots of modsKen Miller
EA-6BDragonlots of detail added, Gold Medal 1999 IPMS Sao PaoloRoberto K Masukawa
F/A-18Shanghai DragonnonePaul Gold
F/A-18DML?Ting-Chun Wang
A-6ERob de Bie
EA-6BRevellnoneErwin Dielemans
EA-6B ProwlerDMLnoneMark Taylor
EA-6ADMLnoneMark Taylor
F-14DragonnoneErwin Dielemans
F-14 dioramaDMLnoneWm. Burns
F-14 TomcatDMLdecalsDavid Schultz
F-14 TomcatDMLdecalsDavid Schultz
F/A-18DMLnoneMark Taylor
F/A-18BDMLnoneMark Taylor
F/A-18CDragonnoneMark Taylor
E-2C HawkeyeSTARR MiniaturesnonePaul Gold
P-3AriinonePaul Gold
F-16N FalconDMLpaint/decalsPaul Gold

USAF aircraft modern

Model ofManufacturerModificationsBuilt by
Boeing C-32MinicraftOOTBPaul Gold
MAFFS C-130RevellKen Miller
C-130B HerculesRevellMicroscale decals and Paul Gold
WC-130H HerculesRevellMicroscale decals and scratchbuildingPaul Gold
HC-130N HerculesRevellMicroscale decals and scratchbuildingPaul Gold
C-130E HerculesRevellMicroscale decals Thunderbirds support aircraft 1975Paul Gold
F-15CLSextense reescribing and I use Dragon f-15 parts like the decals,armament,landing gear and tires,and the exaust nozzles.-make the interior(seat,control panels,stick,avionics compartiment behind pilot,and the cover strut in the canopy a new front canopy from vacformed.missiles rails for sidewinder,and the air intake hole with ducts and a cannon hole.Roberto Masukawa
C-32AMinicraftnoneRay Seppala
AV-8DML?Ting-Chun Wang
AH-64DML?Ting-Chun Wang
F117DML?Ting-Chun Wang
A-10BLS2 seat conversionDonald Schmenk
A-10Dragonfully detailed cockpit, custom decals, JAWS schemeAlex Bernardo
AV-8BDragondetailed cockpit, many modsAlex Bernardo
KC-10Revelldecals part home madeCarlos Cordoba
F-117RevellnoneKen Miller
F-15EDMLnoneJim Galloway
F-15EDragonnoneErwin Dielemans
F-5EDMLsee picDarrell Carney
YF-23RevellnoneJim Galloway
YF-23Revell GermanynoneErwin Dielemans
YF-23RevellnoneMark Taylor
YF-23Revellmounted on composite pieceRob de Bie
B-52RevellnoneErwin Dielemans
YF-22RevellnoneErwin Dielemans
A-10 Thunderbolt IIDML (Desert Storm issue)noneDavid Schultz
C-5A GalaxyRevellnoneKen Miller
E-9A Widget Sasquatchdecals/scratchbuildingDavid Schultz
F-15 EagleDMLnoneMark Taylor
F-16 FalconDMLnoneMark Taylor
KC-10A & TornadoRevellnonePaul Gold
VC-9AAirfix DC-9decals (LU)David Schultz
WC-130H HerculesRevelldecals and scratchbuildingDavid Schultz

Japanese Military aircraft photos

Model ofManufacturerModificationsBuilt by
ShokiFujimiOOTBBruce Scott
Ki-45 ToryuIMAICut canopy,add guns,handpaint the camo,kit was 1st place in open 2000 in Sao Paulo category propsRoberto Masukawa
J2M3 JackFujimiscratchbuilt seat and instruments,wheel well detailRoberto Masukawa
Raiden??Ting-Chun Wang
Ki-44??Ting-Chun Wang
Ki-45??Ting-Chun Wang
Emily Type 2Ariidetail painting and weatheringJuichi Hashimoto
Hamp?detailed cockpit,100 parts to engine, lots of modsAlex Bernardo
F-1RevellnoneErwin Dielemans
EmilyLSantenna wireJim Galloway
Aichi D3A1AriinoneJim Galloway
type 2AriinoneJim Galloway
BettyHasegawa?Juichi Hashimoto
C-130HHasegawa/MonogramnoneDavid Schultz
Ki-61 TonyCrownnoneMark Taylor
Ki-84 FrankLSnoneMark Taylor

Russian Military aircraft photos

Model ofManufacturerModificationsBuilt by
S-37 BerkutRevell GermanyOOTBPaul Gold
MiG-27DMLS240 rockets and pitotBruce Scott
MiG-21ACEmade as an early Mig21 F-13 with the narrow chord rudder.with a new nose wheel, pilot and 30mm gun added, tail reshaped, new decals.Bruce Scott
Su-25ABC ModelsnonePaul Gold
MiG-31RevellnoneTing-Chun Wan
Tu-95RevellnoneUlrich Stork
Tu-26MRevellnoneUlrich Stork
Mig 27DragonnoneErwin Dielemans
Su 27DragonnoneErwin Dielemans
Su-22MDragonnoneErwin Dielemans
MiG-15Creations ChaubetnoneErwin Dielemans
MiG-23RevellnoneErwin Dielemans
Beriev Be-12Masterkitantenna wireJim Galloway
Su-22DMLnoneJim Galloway
Su-25HobbycraftnoneJim Galloway

German Military aircraft photos

Model ofManufacturerModificationsBuilt by
Bf-109EMitsuwanonePaul Gold
Bf-109GEduardnoneBruce Scott
Bf-110C-4/BCrownfixed engines, tailplane, canopy hand painted details 5/Zerstorergeschwader 1Paul Gold
Bf-110G-4Crownfixed engines, tailplane, aerial arrays Paul Gold
Me-110MinicraftnoneJim Galloway
Alpha JetRevell?Ting-Chun Wang
Fokker DV IIscratchbuiltPablo Cicero
Fokker EIIIscratchbuiltL. de la Fuente
F-104RevellnoneErwin Dielemans
EIII, Dr I and DV IIscratchbuiltPablo Cicero
Fw-190EduardOOTBPaul Gold
Fw-190RevellnoneJim Galloway
FW-190G-1RevellnonePaul Gold
He-111AcademynoneErwin Dielemans
He-111ZAcademy (x2)scratchbuiltPaul Gold
Ju-88AcademynoneErwin Dielemans
MiG 23MFDML?Ting-Chun Wang
MiG 23MFDMLnoneMark Taylor
MiG 29DMLnoneTing-Chun Wang
Su-22scratchbuiltscratchbuiltDonald Schmenk
Sukhoi Su-22 FitterDragonnonePaul Gold
Etrich TaubescratchbuiltPablo Cicero
Tornado JG32DMLnonePaul Gold
Tornado Tiger MeetDMLnonePaul Gold

Chinese aircraft photos

Model ofManufacturerModificationsBuilt by
Mirage 2000 5EIHellerarresting hook, fins, antenna, chaff dispenser,decalsC.W. Lam
J-7Econversiondual delta, nosecone,schemeC.W. Lam
RB-57AWelshconverted from Canberra,decalsC.W.Lam
MosquitoAeroclubsolid nose/fighterC W Lam
RF-84FAeroclubdecalsC.W. Lam
F-104AcademydecalsC.W. Lam
B-25HAcademydecalsC.W. Lam
F-5E2Academydecals/convertedC.W. Lam
F-86FAeroclubdecalsC.W. Lam
Su-27 ChineseDMLnoneMark Taylor

Argentine Military aircraft photos

Model ofManufacturerModificationsBuilt by
IAI DaggerDMLconverted KfirRaúl José de Luis

Iraqi Military aircraft photos

Model ofManufacturerModificationsBuilt by
Bf-110D-3Crownfixed engines, tailplane, extended rear fuselage Paul Gold
MiG-21/J7B?converted to J-7b and 21MFC W Lam
Mil Mi-6Air Craft ModelsdecalsC.W. Lam
Su-25HobbycraftdecalsC.W. Lam

Belgian Military aircraft photos

TF-104Revell2 seat conversionDonald Schmenk
F-16Dragonfully detailed cockpit, Belgian Tiger meetAlex Bernardo
F-16Dragonhand painted stripesDarrell Carney
F-16DMLnoneErwin Dielemans
C-130?DACO paint/decalsErwin Dielemans
Alpha JetRevellpaint schemeErwin Dielemans

French Military aircraft

Model ofManufacturerModificationsBuilt by
Mirage 2000HellerOOTBPaul Gold
RafaleHellerOOTBPaul Gold
Rafale MRevellnoneRoberto Masukawa
Mirage 50STARR Miniaturesdecals from spares boxPaul Gold
Maurice Farman LonghornscratchbuiltPablo Cicero
Mirage F-1RevellLowell Andrew
Falcon 50STARR MiniaturesnonePaul Gold

Canadian Military aircraft

Model ofManufacturerModificationsBuilt by
CP-140LSOOTB in a hotelPaul Wiegman
CF-18 HornetDMLnoneMark Taylor
CF-188DMLdecalsDavid Schultz

Israeli Military aircraft

Model ofManufacturerModificationsBuilt by
VautourAirspeedOOTBPaul Gold
IAI KfirDMLnoneMark Taylor

Australian Military aircraft

Model ofManufacturerModificationsBuilt by
CaribouOzModsadded aerials Bruce Scott
Mirage IIIODML conversionconverted from KfirMark Taylor

Brazilian Military aircraft photos

Model ofManufacturerModificationsBuilt by
F-5ERevellrefueling probe,dorsal fin,anntena,open air brakes,wheelwell detail,open canopy,scratch cockpit, FCM decalsRoberto Masukawa
EMB-110 Brazil AFLeomannoneDavid Schultz

other Military aircraft photos

Model ofManufacturerModificationsBuilt by
Austerhome madeScratchbuiltLorenzo de la Fuente
Dewoitine D510home madeScratchbuiltLorenzo de la Fuente
JN-3home madeScratchbuiltLorenzo de la Fuente
KDC-10Revelldrilled windows, decalsPeter Vos
Martin SonorascratchbuiltPablo Cicero
B-25J MitchellCrownnew decals, many details added Eric Verschuur
F-84scratchbuiltscratchbuiltDonald Schmenk
RF-84scratchbuiltscratchbuiltDonald Schmenk
Su-25Dragonfully detailed cockpit, hand painted tail schemeAlex Bernardo
PZL-37 LosABC ModelsNonePaul Gold
F-104Crowndetailed full cockpit, hand painted schemeAlex Bernardo
P-3FLSOOTBPaul Wiegman
BAC Lightning F53RevellnoneUlrich Stork
F-16C TurkishDMLnoneMark Taylor
SAAB ViggenCrowndecals/schemePaul Gold
F-104???decalsMark Taylor
Macchi Mc.202home madeScratchbuiltEugenio Cattani

non aircraft photos

Model ofManufacturerModificationsBuilt by
Canadian AirshowvariousvariousCam Tetrault
Nimitz Carriervariousscratchbuilt ship The E2C, S3 and Sea Kings are scratchbuilt. Other planes are modified kits or diecast toys. It all started with one F-14 and got out of control after somebody asked if you could buy a 1/144 scale carrier kit !Cam Tetrault
Essex CarriervariousvariousCam Tetrault
tanksscratchbuiltPablo Cicero
Mk IVscratchbuiltPablo Cicero
Renault FT17scratchbuiltPablo Cicero
Hetzerhome madeScratchbuiltLorenzo de la Fuente
M3A1home madeScratchbuiltLorenzo de la Fuente
A-7Vhome madeScratchbuiltLorenzo de la Fuente
M113 APChome madeScratchbuiltLorenzo de la Fuente
Su-100 (tank)home madeScratchbuiltLorenzo de la Fuente

Older Civil Aircraft

Boeing 707MinicraftBCAL decalsRay Charles
Model ofManufacturerModificationsBuilt by
DC-3MinicraftOOTBCarlos Cordova
Tu-104Sh/td>OKB-144Tu-16 trainer, bomb racks, nose, lots modificationsVladimir Troitskiy
ViscountWelsh ModelsAeroclub propellorsPaul Gold
BAC 1-11Airfixdecals Flight PathMike Krueger
Yak-40OKB-144noneAlexandr Boriskin
Boeing 707Revelldecals MicroscaleMike Krueger
Boeing 707Revelldecals ATPMike Krueger
Tu-104AOKB-144lots of modificationsVladimir Troitskiy
DC-8 61RevellFlightPath National decals ('Tracie')Mike Krueger
YS-11HasegawaAvigraphics PBA decalsMike Krueger
Boeing 707RevellAirfix engines, Flying Colors decalsMike Krueger
DC-8 61/63FRevell/LodelanoneMike Krueger
CaravelleAirfixreworked cockpitCarlos Cordova
ElectraMinicraftreworked nose and cockpitCarlos Cordova
Comet 4AirfixMike Krueger
Convair 880 and 990MicroscaleMike Krueger
Tu-104OKB-144noneDmitriy Kolesnik
DC-8-61Revellhome made decals. letrasetRob Bourgaize
Boeing 707Revell AWACS kitfowler decalsPaul Wiegman
Boeing 707RevellnoneMike Krueger
Comet 4CAirfix 4BMicroscale decals, scratch F-4 travel podsPaul Wiegman
Comet 4CAirfix 4BMicroscale decals, scratch F-4 travel podsPaul Wiegman
Convair 990Revell S kitnoneMike Krueger
Boeing 314 ClipperAirfixnoneErwin Dielemans
A W AtlantaAir Craft Modelsfull interior and moreJuichi Hashimoto
SE-210 CaravelleAirfixnoneErwin Dielemans
Dornier Do-XOtakinoneErwin Dielemans
YS-11DoyushanoneMark Taylor
DC-3MinicraftLiveries Unlimited decalsAndy Abshier
DC-3 Pan Am/KLMMinicraftnonePaul Gold
DC-3MinicraftdecalsDavid Schultz
Comet 1RugRatResinnonePaul Gold
GuppyRevellnoneKen Miller
Blohm & Voss Ha-139Air Craft ModelsnonePaul Gold
Junkers Ju-90Air Craft ModelsnonePaul Gold
Junkers G.38Revell(G)nonePaul Gold

Modern Civil Aircraft

Model ofManufacturerModificationsBuilt by
Boeing 737-800Revell GermanyAirways Graphics Delta schemeMike Krueger
Airbus A321RevellAir 2000 decalsRay Charles
Boeing 737-800RevellOOTBRay Charles
Boeing 757MinicraftBritannia decalsRay Charles
Airbus A320RevellAir Jamaica decalsRay Charles
DC-10RevellFlightpath decals and STARR Miniatures enginesPaul Gold
Concorde early Air FranceAirfixJetSet decalsPaul Gold
Boeing 767-300Revell USALiveries Unlimited TWA decals Paul Gold
MD-80MinicraftOOTBMike Krueger
Airbus A321Revell AGAirways Graphics Air 2000 decalsMike Krueger
Airbus A310Revell AGAviagraphics Ecuatoriana decalsCarlos Cordova
Airbus A320Revell AGAviagraphics Air Jamaica decalsCarlos Cordova
Boeing 737-300DACODACO Simpsons decals, Minicraft windshieldCarlos Cordova
Boeing 727-200AirfixNational "Karen" (Flightpath)Mike Krueger
DC-9-30Airfix/LodelaOOTBMike Krueger
P3 - FiretankerAriilots of modsKen Miller
Boeing 737-200AirfixMicroscale Western decalsMike Krueger
Fokker 100RevellLiveries Unlimited decalsMike Krueger
Boeing 737-300Minicraftbare metal foilCarlos Cordova
Boeing 747-400Revell (G)scratch built antennaCarlos Cordova
Boeing 757sscratchbuiltbasswood master then resin castsDonald Schmenk
Boeing 777scratchbuiltbasswood except resin enginesDonald Schmenk
Short 360scratchbuiltscratchbuiltDonald Schmenk
IAI Westwind ???scratchbuiltscratchbuiltDonald Schmenk
Corporate aircraftscratchbuiltLear 55 & 25D, King Air 200 & 300, CitationDonald Schmenk
Corporate aircraftscratchbuiltincl Gulfstream 4, JetStar, Beechjet, Citations, CL601Donald Schmenk
A-340Revell(G)nonePaul Gold
Boeing 737-300MinicraftnonePaul Gold
Boeing 767Revell (G)Alitalia decalsMike Krueger
DC-9-30AirfixRepublic decalsMike Krueger
DC-9-10Airfix/SasquatchBonanza decalsMike Krueger
Boeing 737-800Revell (G)noneMike Krueger
Boeing 757MinicraftnoneMike Krueger
Boeing 737-300MinicraftDaco Thrifty car rental decalsMike Krueger
Boeing 737-400MinicraftnoneMike Krueger
Fokker 100Revell (G)noneMike Krueger
L-1011AirfixMike Krueger
A-340Revell(G)noneMike Krueger
A-340Revell(G)decalsMike Krueger
Fokker 27DoyushaCarlos Cordoba
737-200AirfixnoneErwin Dielemans
Boeing 737-200AirfixdecalsMike Krueger
Boeing 737AirfixnoneRob Bourgaize
Boeing 747AirfixnoneRob Bourgaize
Boeing 747-400 KLMRevellnoneDavid Schultz
Boeing 747-400 BARevellnonePaul Gold
Embraer EMB-110LeomannonePaul Wiegman
Boeing 757-200Leoman?Mike Krueger
Boeing 727-100Revell noneMike Krueger
Boeing 727RevellDB Cooper escape, decalsKen Miller
DC-9-30AirfixdecalsMike Krueger
DC-9-10Airfix conversionconverted from a -30,decalsDavid Schultz
Belugahome made (pre Revell)scratchbuiltWolfgang Hora
Fokker 100 KLMRevellnonePaul Gold
Jetstream 31Welsh ModelsNoneMike Idacavage

Other Civil Aircraft

Model ofManufacturerModificationsBuilt by
P-51 racer Roto FinishAcademybuild detailsAlex Bernardo
X300home madeScratchbuiltLorenzo de la Fuente
A-10 FireHog????lotsKen Miller
P-51 racer????decalsKen Miller
P-63 Racer?decals/conversionKen Miller
F-4 Racer?decals/conversionKen Miller

IPMS Gateway 1/144 display

Terry Buschmann has sent me the following photos from the
IPMS Gateway display that the club lays out at model shows
The display is still being added to and improved and hopefully
I will get some more photos as it grows

Great advertisement for the 1/144 hobby - well done IPMS Gateway

IPMS Gateway homepage PIC.1 PIC.2 PIC.3 PIC.4

a real life 1/144 scale aircraft carrier

thanks to David Schultz

return to 1/144 Sqn homepage